randomly said; sweeping statement

i reckon we should stop buying NUM’s products because people (teens and young people) are just falling for their traps.
don’t get pissed first, lemme explain why.

firstly, it’s not branded.
secondly, it’s a national brand, mind you, not international, so that means, Nike, Adidas, Puma are so much of better choices than NUM.
lastly, they jacked up the prices of the products (which is not at all worthy, in terms of material or brand) because expensive stuff attracts teenagers like us.

the above message doesn’t appeal to you if you’re buying their products because you appreciate and adore them, but if it’s for the brand, save the money and spend it wisely, young people.

okay, enough of the controversy.

5 papers down, 1 more to the finale.
go Vivian go, put your best foot in, dudette!

Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street is friggin’ awesome!
watched some time ago, it’s M18 though. teehee.
i just gotta recommend these piece of Tim Burton’s masterpiece.
i swear it’s a must- catch movie, rated four stars (:

this movie is about a barber originally named Benjamin Barker but adopted the alias of Sweeney Todd 15 years after he escaped from a life of hard harbor in Australia, sentenced by the lustful judge Turpin.
he came back for revenge for his wife whom was humiliated by Turpin, and also for adopting his daughter.
went mad over the loss of his wife and daughter, Todd murdered innocent customers by slitting their throats.

a movie adapted from a musical which is of vengeance and gore (:
watch it people, watch it.
Corpse Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean series and Sweeney Todd, John Christopher Depp friggin’ kicks my ass real hard.
spouse of a hot and sexy French, Vanessa Paradis.
omg, this is what i call hotstuff (:

pictures will be up next.
till then, goodnight all.


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Exactly, whats with the “hiding of the truth” thing.
I knew it anyway.
Its totally all right if you keep it as a secret.
But no way are you going around spreading, when you told others to shut their mouth up.
Hello?That is no big thing man.
Don’t start acting as if you’re “Miss Popularity”
C’mon, get a life. You suck.

Like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!
Have been pretty moody nowadays.
Gotta control my temper before it gets worse, yeah.
Christmas has gone.
And right! Its the time we learn to forgive and forget,
and thus to cherish the people around you.
Make someone happy 😀

Had been watching “The L Word” these few days.
Seriously, Shane and Max are sooooooo cool!
Cut it off man, stop acting like some crazy freaks.
I’m so into Korean and Hong Kong’s Drama Serials right now.
Kim Jeong Hoon, Lin Feng are way too suave man.
Mark my words, it is true.

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hello world.

im back, for good. i mean, the runway is over. the torturous rehearsals are over. OVER. rejoice!

Goodness me, i cant believe that i have actually stepped on a runway. okay, i admit i was trembling, horribly.

but nothing is worse than jes’s case. she dropped her hat okayyyy. but she was clever to wink la, i have to say.

shirely’s tube makes her look like she have wobbly boobs. that was a joke for the century. she got so damn embarrased. smirk.

the overnight stay at jeslyn’s house was damn funnaye okay.

we talked about: sex, food, ambitions and whatever until we didnt slep a wink. jeslyn’s father was great. he sent us to hall 6 in time, but left jeslyn in boon lay cos she needs to go to school. LOSER. and she forgot her shirt which im holding onto. the sleepless night makes us get scolding from the instructor. cos the situation was horrible: 8 of us have got eyebags.

jeslyn arrived at around 7, lucky the big shots turned up at around 8 plus. the dinner was horrible. tummyaches as results.

jeslyn almost fainted. that was pretty scary. sent her to the backstage, she bathed and went to sleep. we slept on the runway okayyyy. that was cool, i thought.

thats all laa. jeslyn got quite sick, i think. bye readers!

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like seriously, i don’t get it man.
she has got this weird way of posing nowadays which makes me burst out laughing whenever i see her expressions in the photos.
Jes: “i was influenced by Shirely.” -said innocently
Des: “yeah right.” – gave the KB look.

Actually, this is how she looked when she just woke up, finding herself sleeping beside me and Shirely on the bloody hell big stage. This is a result of her being asked to smile when she was still in a daze.


there she goes again.
the constrained facial expression, i pity the facial muscles.
she’ll scream when she sees this post, lets see what happens later. -Smirk.

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